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    Help with identifying Bluetooth module connector-JBD/Overkill BMS type

    I'm looking for a source for the end connectors that are on the cable for JBD/Overill BMS Bluetooth module. Any info would be appreciated. Also the wire gauge of the cable. I'd like to extend the cable or make my own longer cable. Thanks!
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    Kinda Urgent: I have choice of MPP Solar 3048LV-MK -or- GroWatt 3000-S. Which should I take? Same cost.

    So, the supplier says the box for the MPP 3048 arrived somewhat smashed like it had been dropped, but that the unit inside appears undamaged. A fresh one would be another 40day wait. He offered to send me a GroWatt 3000S instead for no extra charge. Said Will Prowse now considers it "his new...
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    Discount code for MPP Solar??? before I make this purchase

    Figured it wouldn't hurt to ask... The site is asking if I have a discount code. If you know of any, would like to try it 😬
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    Anyone using this device? BMS / 1A/2A Active Balancer

    Anyone using or is there discussion about this device: