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    Sol ark battery settings for EG4 Gyl batteries

    Any suggestions on what voltages I should use for the battery settings on my new Sol-Ark setup? I am running 2 - 100ah 48 EG4 batteries in parallel for battery backup. I have heard that you extend the life of your lifepo4 battery by not always charging back up to 100% The spec sheet for the...
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    pv dc disconnect

    Quick question here: I'm getting my solar ready to install and was wondering about dc disconnects. I will have two different arrays installed on the roof. 1 string of 8 in series of 305W panels (Voc of 40V) and another string of 6 in series 305W panels (also each at Voc of 40V). I have a...
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    electrical help please

    I'm in the process for planning out my DIY install. I have 400 amp service at my house. See below for a view of how the power enters my house. I have two 200 amp service lines coming in that terminate in a utility room inside the house with two breaker panels. Instead of creating a new...
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    Disposal of dead solar batteries

    I have some old FLA Surrette 6V 546 Ah batteries that have finally kicked the bucket. Anyone here have any suggestions of how to dispose or get salvage value out of them? Where do old solar batteries go when they die?
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    CT clamps question

    I have 400 amp service from the grid that comes into my house (two 220 breaker panels). If I want to operate a Sol-ark in Limited to Home mode where I grid zero using CT clamps, how would that work in my situation? Would I clamp to just one of the inputs to the 220 panel, and thus be limited...
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    Help please - hybrid inverter question

    I am narrowing down my choices on a revamped solar power system. My goals are to grid zero/reduce monthly power bill and also have a battery backup for when power goes out. Our grid power the last few years has been pretty unreliable and goes out more often that it used to. Only looking to...
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    Help with choosing an all in one system

    I built a modest 24v off grid system about 12 years ago, with 1.2kW of panels (3s2p), Flooded lead acid batteries and Exceltech inverter. Worked ok for a while, but battery bank gave up the ghost a year or so ago. I decided I'm going to change up to 48v Lithium system, and ordered 2 GYLL 48v...