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    Problems with gfci inverter outlet

    Hi, I have a solar setup in my van with a xantrex 2000 prowatt inverter. It has gfci outlets on them. I just got my minisplit ac unit hooked up on the back of my van. THe problem I'm having is it trips the gfci outlets on the inverter. Now if I plug it into my garage gfci outlet it trips...
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    Does either parallel option work the same?

    I have 2 batteries, both 280amp lifepo4 and both are using overkill 120amp BMS. I want to wire them in parallel to keep my system a 12 volt system(all my components are 12 volt). It would be easier to wire each battery directly to my pos and neg on main bus bar. However do I need to wire...
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    Overkill bms keeps shutting down discharging.

    I'm using a overkill bms on my 280ah lifepo4 batteries. It was working fine in my system. I took the battery apart to top balance these new cells using CV cc device. Charged them up and then reassembled into pack with bms. Hooked it back up into my system but now with the slightest load it...
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    Questions about stand alone converter

    Here is my setup. I feel mostly confident about most of it. However, I've added an aims converter to charge my "floating" system when at campgrounds through the campground power pedestal. I will plug the converter into the shore power but the 12 volt side is permently wired into the main...
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    Totally confused about bonded and grounded ac side inverter in isolated van solar setup

    Hi, I'm a total newbie but trying to learn quickly. Here is my setup I'm building and what I will be powering. 800 watts of solar panels, victron 100/50 charge controller, 270ah lifepo battery and I bought a 2200watt giandel inverter to power a few items (pioneer 9000k minisplit ac unit...