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    280ah eve cell max peak discharge rate

    Hey. I tried to find an answer in the threads but no luck. I know the 280ah eve cells are rated 1c continuous but is there a peak discharge rating for a small period of time? Could they handle 400a for say 30 seconds without damage? Thanks.
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    parallel wiring solar panels and shading

    Hi guys just a quick question. So the general write ups you see around the net is parallel wiring solar panels means if one is shaded it will not affect the rest of the array. BUT i keep thinking to myself that considering a shaded panel will drop in voltage and knowing that when wiring miss...
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    Daly bms Firmware updates? Where do you find them.

    Hi guys i have a 400a 8s smart bms from daly. i cant get an answer from daly where you get updated firmware? Id like to update if there is any to possibly fix a few bugs i have with the bluetooth app.
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    liepo4 temp cut off setting, both charge and discharge

    Hi guys i was trying to find a thread already covering this but no luck so here it goes. What setting would one input in say my daly bms for high and low temp cut off for charge and discharge? As far as i know low temp cut off for charge should be 5 deg celsius. and i think high temp charge...
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    400a daly bms not turning on

    Hi guys first post as im new here. I have a 400a daly smart bms. wired up to my 8s lifepo4 280ah eve bank. Checked the balance leads 4 times. neg then 3.6v 7.2v and so on in order so all good. Temp probe is connected and i tried reconnecting 3 times. Shorted b- to p- many times. tried charging...