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    Hello from Switzerland/Paraguay

    Hello All I' from Switzerland and planning to move this year to a rural area in Paraguay. I will be building my main place with shipping containers and want to add a solar system. At this location I have grid access, so very likely I will go with a hybrid system (hybrid sources, no grid back...
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    MPP PIP (5048GK / MGX or MAX) Do they feed the Grid or not (or just a little bit) ?

    Hi I'm planning my own system in a rural developing country location. I grid available and I would like to use it for load and battery charging when Solar is not enough. But I DON'T want to feedback to the grid at all. My understanding was that the MMP PIP models (I'm interested in 5048GK, MGX...
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    MPP PIP 7248-MAX: solar input (8000W) vs charger (4860W) question

    Hi Looking at the MPP PIP 7248-MAX specs, they both offer 8000W solar input and max bulk/float charge of 62V at max 80A = 4960W I'm struggling here. Does it mean this inverter wouldn't be able to use the full potential solar gain (8000W) for charging the battery when no load is present ...