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    Super capacitors are a horrible choice for solar. Change my mind

    Have you tried Battery Bill...
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    Is it possible to use a 120v relay as an automatic transfer switch?

    Why not something as simple as a dual zone automatic transfer switch. e.g
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    charging 48v battery with 24volt input

    So how about something simple like.... 24v--> DC to AC inverter --> AC to 48v charger? Simple and cheap.
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    Battery bank wire sizing

    Theoretical vs practical. Theoretical.... don't go there. Practical. 35mm wire should be fine because.... a) your batteries will die long before you will heat up/melt the wires and b) look inside the inverter. You will most likely find substantially less wire sizes than you think.
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    KYHT BMS Interface specifications CAN RS485 commands.

    I have 48v Lifepo4 batteries with the brand Deutche Technologies. They have a KYHT branded BMS inside (see I have tried contacting local battery supplier and the BMS manufacturer but have no joy in getting a response. Does anyone have any information...