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    Testing solar panel current without frying multimeter

    Clamp meter and be done with it, they are pretty economical models out there that won’t break the bank. Also what are you doing with the data once collected? Just verify each panel is in line with each other?
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    Battery voltage drop and internal resistance issues

    Show us your connections of the cell packs, some proper prep can do wonders of those crimped connectors provided by battery hookup. Also I wonder why battery hook up pulled the product.
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    Hooking a solar generator to a sub panel

    Yeah typically hardwiring a generator to a house panel with only single phase is kind of pointless.
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    Hooking a solar generator to a sub panel

    If he wired up his sub panel for a 8k portable unit it should be going to a 240v 30amp breaker. BTW that bankrupt company was DC solar, tons of units around to be had on the cheapish. Well pumps and other large induction loads are tough to source via cheap inverters. IMO if he’d need a low...
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    Safe Grid Use of the 5000ES and transformer

    Does it all start with trying to use a slightly cheaper Euro spec AIO for North American needs? To me the hassles don’t seem worth it, why not just get a split phase AIO from the start? Or is it the DIY nature to convince ourselves we can take a square peg and pound it through the square hole...
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    Solar radiation meter - reasonably priced. Do they exist?

    Do they make DC pool pumps? Just run it off a SCC controlled output.
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    Underground wire grid tie recommendations & breaker

    If the panel doesn’t have a main breaker check by the meter socket sometimes they have a combo box with the disconnect located there. I also agree that there is a way to denergize your panel, you just haven’t found it yet.
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    Double pane windows for DIY solar furnace?

    What’s your typical outdoor ambient temps? How long is your ductwork? Is that insulated as well?
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    Safe Grid Use of the 5000ES and transformer

    So one ground rod for your service meter from the utility and another ground rod for the growatt system? Or do you tie to one ground rod?
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    24V Lifepo4 discharged to 18V - How badly am I screwed?

    What were the other batteries voltage readings? Also how can you return the batteries when you caused the damage?
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    Confirming.... 18vdc likely too much voltage for the typical 12vdc Hi Freq Inverter?

    What about the small M18 inverter? Your friend has shared a link to a Home Depot product they think you would be interested in seeing. Sure it’s a...
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    Growatt 24v 3000 Optimizing. Please Help.

    Clean the panels too!
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    battery balance yes or no

    Snap a pic and upload it? Typically FLA don’t need anything for voltage balancing other than checking fluids.
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    battery balance yes or no

    What kind of batteries? FLA?
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    24V Lifepo4 discharged to 18V - How badly am I screwed?

    Wait, this is a nominal 48v battery that is showing 18v? Is it two 24v amperetime batteries or four 12v batteries to reach 48v?
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    Complete rebuild of a house - how would you power and heat/cool ?

    That’s 1000 gallon size. Which is still huge for a single residential house Something like 35’ and 10’ diameter is 10k gallon, they don’t deliver two of those at a time 😂
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    Complete rebuild of a house - how would you power and heat/cool ?

    Yeah 10k gallon tanks are the semi truck sized tanks hauled to distributers tank farms. Local delivery trucks aren 5,000 gallon. Even at a crazy low price of $2/gal delivered, I’d be livid if I had to fill those up 2x a year.
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    Complete rebuild of a house - how would you power and heat/cool ?

    Get a quote to spray foam an entire 100 year old construction house, let me know when it’s under 10-15k. That’s also after you gut the walls to studs. Even then your talking about 2x4 construction not 2x6 or even Uber double 2x6 construction of our brothers to the north. I’d love a DIY spray...
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    Complete rebuild of a house - how would you power and heat/cool ?

    Tell that to New York 🤣 No new gas hook ups, no propane and no oil for new construction. Lol
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    Complete rebuild of a house - how would you power and heat/cool ?

    The head units of the mini splits require 120/240AC their control circuity creates PWM/DC/VFD to alter the output to compressors as needed. I’m not aware of any just DC powered mini splits.
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    Complete rebuild of a house - how would you power and heat/cool ?

    IMO heating via radiant floor or base board hydronic provide the best “comfort” for less than ideally insulated houses, why? You are pacing heat at the source of the cold air. Mini splits are great for cooling, but they just can’t get the heat down low or close to cold walls to compete with...
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    Complete rebuild of a house - how would you power and heat/cool ? One fire a day paired with thermal storage tank like upnorth suggests you have an independent system, but it’s costly 10-15k if you do your own plumbing, there maybe state rebates for “carbon neutral”...
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    Not Enough SOC in Tiny House

    Just disclose the tiny house as “rustic” and let the renters know if they don’t conserve energy the lights and heat will go out, you could prob even charge double for those “adventure seekers” looking to “rough it”.
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    Looking for $300 range lithium batteries what is the best 12 volt

    You know the cheap economy lifepo units can’t be used for starting that big rig right? Just house loads.
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    Not Enough SOC in Tiny House

    Tell us more about the mini splits, are they cold weather rated? What explains the huge jump in load once solar is returned? Did the mini splits kick on resistive heating? I also second rechecking your charge settings, I don’t think you’re getting those topped up. Also to conserve load try...
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    Electric water heater: Any insight/experience?

    So what’s the range of your water tank temperature seen while operating only under PV? Is it an 80 gallon tank? Are you raising it to 160-180 then down to 110f by the time you hit morning?
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    LifePO4 16s 48v Daly Smart BMS won’t turn on…

    Do these need to be “jump started” with an external voltage to wake up the BMS?
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    Under snow...

    Sounds like idle consumption, what does the inverter show for “output” over night?
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    Battery question

    Sorry about my insensitive response, I want to apologize for coming off harsh. Lots of information on a very technical topic where verbiage and terms can be easily confused, let along for someone non native language. Keep asking question, and I’ll keep a more open mind that this isnt just a US...
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    Battery question

    Some lesser quality batteries can only series’s up to 24v due to BMS FET voltage limitations. Each FET needs to be able to withstand fully charged voltage of >60v for 48v string or >30v for a 24v string.
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    Offset Electric Boiler energy usage with batteries and solar?

    They make pellet hydronic boilers, a ton of pellets will keep forever if you keep the dry, and will provide all the heat you need for multiple days. My experience comes from needing to heat 2700sqft when it can get -20 out, we have a cord wood boiler that provides all heating and hot water...
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    Offset Electric Boiler energy usage with batteries and solar?

    How old is the furnace? Seems a shame to get rid of it and spend more money, due to a leaky tank especially if it’s used only as a back up. Modular plastic oil tanks are pretty darn cheap, also sounds like you won’t need a full 250 gallon either, .
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    Battery question

    No one is talking about individual cells, you seem to be the only confused by your own reading comprehension skills.
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    Ethics and policy - would it be fine charging your 5kwh battery at a school/public library?

    Man I now feel bad only charging my phone at work, all these ethics are oozing out of my pores now. 😔
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    Our NEW GO-TO LiFePO4 vendor...09.20.21

    My guess is that these cells are designed are to be implemented in battery packs with fully welded connections/bus bars. I can’t imagine an industrial use of these cells would have any sort of threaded connection with such weak method. These studs or serviceable connections are an afterthought...