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    Wiring 2000w 24v solar array

    Hi, I have an MPPT 60 amp charge controller rated at 150v input. If my array is set up as 4p 2s and the panels rated @ 30v 9 amps my array would be 120v 18 amps, sized correctly for the controller. A 50A circuit breaker would be sized correctly ?
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    Connecting charge controller and inverter to 24 v battery bank

    Hi I'm new to the forum and I'm trying to connect my charge controller and inverter to a 24v battery bank. I had inverter and charge controller connected on same posts but charge controller didn't charge batteries. If I connect charge controller to opposite terminals (where I have the POS to neg...
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    Can I use my grid tie inverter in off grid application ?

    I recently purchased 9 255W solar panels, rated 30V, 8.4 A, and a SMA 7.0 grid tie inverter. Looking to use in an off-grid application, but the inverter output is 240Vac it appears. Will I be able to use this with a battery bank ?