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  1. MisterSandals

    SolarEdge vs StorEdge

    I am helping a Neighbor who is getting quotes for residential solar. He was quoted $30k for 3.6kW system with Solar Edge optimisers (9 400W panels), Solar Edge grid tie inverter. I recommended a system with a battery for backup and time shifting usage because PG&E jacks up the rate 4-9pm and...
  2. MisterSandals

    Help Identify this Connector

    I cannot locate this connector. I cannot even figure out what its called or read the name (Dien?). Thanks for any help.
  3. MisterSandals

    Solar Shingles - anybody have experience or thoughts?

    I have a friend who is asking about installing solar on his house. He is anticipating replacing his roof and wondering if solar shingles is a good solution. Not many examples of folks using them on this forum so thought I'd ask. Some of the search hits are in regards to Tesla's spectrum of...
  4. MisterSandals

    Wire Gauge Charts vs Calculators

    I've been using the big colorful wire gauge chart from Blue Sea. This has been at odds with online calculators that others have been using. Here is the latest scenario: 25 amps 130 feet (both ways, 65' from array to SCC) 84 volts The Blue Sea chart...
  5. MisterSandals

    Multimeter and Battery Monitor Tests

    My new DMM with clamp function from Amazon ($39) just arrived. It was recommended as a decent unit by a trusted member here, and it was a glaring hole in my toolbox. My first thought was to check it against my other 2 DMM's as a sanity check. It didn't go well. So i tested everything that...
  6. MisterSandals

    Inline Fuses - temp cutoff feature?

    I was testing my battery discharge to get a feel for its performance and cell behavior. While running 66amps @13v from battery to inverter, my 100amp inline fuse would get hot and "cut out". I say "cut out" because the breaker lever didn't move as i would expect if it "tripped". But the test...
  7. MisterSandals

    Pre-energizing Inverters before LiFePO4 connect?

    I've read the posts about folks using an inline resister to pre-energize an inverter before connecting directly to an LiFePO4 bank. (problem was capacitors blew because they received power too quickly). And yes I plan on having a breaker in there so not exactly directly. Is this still...
  8. MisterSandals

    Relays: NC vs NO or other solution?

    I am hoping someone can help me find a solution. I am learning about relays and hoping to incorporate one to cut the power between my array and solar charge controller. 400w array, 45A SCC. My "thought" was to use an NO (normally open) relay but wondering how i would power a "close" in the...
  9. MisterSandals

    BMS Array Cutoff and Bypass Switch

    I could have added this to quite a few different threads but did not want to hijack anybody's thread. There have been a few conversations about disconnecting batteries from a SCC while the PV array is still hot/connected. There are several scenarios where a battery could be disconnected from a...
  10. MisterSandals

    RV and Home Backup Installs

    I have been reading everything and learning quite a bit from everybody here, many thanks! I have completed a couple solar installs including 400 watts on the RV with existing lead acid batteries and a 3kw grid tie system on the house. Now venturing into LiFePO4 for the RV and a stand alone...