10,000 watt 12 Volt inverter


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And how would an 80 amp car alternator keep up with a 10000 watt inverter? You would need more like 800 amps.

Sunshine suggested "80amp car alternator charging 2 normal auto n70s in parallel" meaning the 80A alternator charges the two 70AH batteries. Between the alternator and the two batteries, running heavy loads won't be an issue for short peaks, and maintaining enough power for the base load.

Again, this type of inverter and usage would be to support motor startup currents. The average use should be 2-5kW so the overhead is available for motors.


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Or just get a 10000 watt generator? Harbor Freight sells a 9500 watt for $1700.

You may only want this amount of power once a month for a few seconds, or a few minutes every hour, Much better lugging around just a 19kg bolted down inverter than a 116kg generator that has a 'steal me' sign on it whenever parked.

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I run 5000w from 12v, but from 2 inverters, a 3000w and a 2000w. 10kw seems a bit excessive but I am looking at a 5kw single 3rd inverter for another project so between the 3 I would have 10kw ...... LiFEPO4 pack will deliver upto 900A so that's OK however I would not use all 3 maxxed at the same time anyway.

12v just made more sense for me when I didn't want to string solar panels and have shading effect on my RV roof space.