16S bank layout and bus bar sizing questions


I have that name for a reason.
Jan 31, 2022
I'm hoping these bars I'm building will be so oversized that it won't cause an issue.

I just realized I did another "duh" moment. I ordered stainless m6 washers, one box of 50. I have 32 cells. Wait... :unsure:

I'm going to take a step back and double-triple-quadruple check my parts list before I order more stuff. I keep doing this and it is irritating. Thankfully it isn't really setting me back, yet.

*edit* Another package just got delivered with the tubing I ordered to insulate the threaded rods. Strike again - I read the numbers backwards and ordered the ID as the OD instead, so of course it won't fit the threaded rod. Wow. I had better get my act together before I actually assemble this battery bank :rolleyes:
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