16x 310ah cells for less than £300/$400 SCAM


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I've found a seller on aliexpress selling 16 310ah cells for less than £300/$400 with free shipping, now I know this has to be a scam. I'm wondering what the scam is? Grade B cells, damaged cells, lower capacity cells or simply just not sending the cells?
I once bought solar panels at a huge discounted price direct from China thru ebay.uk, received tracking number and all looked good until my broken pair of fake designer sunglasses turned up. Never got a refund from PayPal or ebay, the seller deleted their account and set up a new one. This happens a lot

£48.78 35%OFF | 4-16PCS 100% New Lifepo4 320Ah 3.2V Grade A 48V 310AH Battery Pack DIY RV Cell And Solar Energy Storage System EU US Tax Free


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Xxxxstore.. all scam.

New stores, low prices, no reviews, all same name format, all scam.

You will pay, get a false tracking, eventually showing delivered, ali will deny claim (its delivered) while you have nothing.


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Cheers folks, if it's too good to be true as they say.
Figured it was a scam just thought I would check, then loads of posts on here came up about the same xxxxxstores scamming folk out of there hard earned money