2 Growatt inverter in parallel, PV module connection


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Aug 23, 2021
I have 2 Growatt Inverters 5000 ES .
24 PV panels 500 watt each with Vos 51.9V.
20 batteries 180A 12V each connected as 48V system.

I want the 2 inverters to be connected in parallel mode, I have wired the communication wires and current sharing cables and I have done all the LCD setting and the parallel mode ran smoothly. Note " all this steps was done before connecting the PV module"

PV module connection.
6 in series 4 in parallel..

My question is that, I connected all pv parallel modules into one combox and I run one wire from the combox to the Inverters, Is this the correct way of PV connection.

*sorry for the img this is what I got now 🤭

After I contacted the PV module I switched on the inverter and all the inverters gave an error code. One inverter was 09 error and the other was 06 error.

Can any one show me what is the correct way of contacting 24 PV module as 6S2P to 2 parallel inverters?


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May 23, 2021
Southern Oregon
I'm not a Growatt expert (I have MPP Solar and Midnite Classics) but I don't think you're supposed to parallel the PV input across multiple GroWatts. Its the GroWatt AC output that you can parallel to increase overall inverter AC output.

You need to connect one set of panels to ONE GroWatt. If your panels are too much for a single Growatt, you may break your panels into 2 independent sets of panels and connect 1 set to 1 GroWatt and the other set to the 2nd Growatt.

I don't think I'm off base but I could be - but wanted to get you something to think about sooner than later. I'll follow this thread with interest :)


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Aug 27, 2021
You cant wire the same PV array to both inverters. You either have to split the array in two string (one string to the first inverter, the other string to second inverter), or you just wire the full array as one string to only one of the inverters. In your case your 24 panels exceed the MPPT capability of a single inverter, so you must split the array into two strings, and connect one string to each inverter.