24V 8s Build separated into 2 4x280Ah Cell Groups?


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May 26, 2021
Looking to build a 24V battery to power a Victron Multiplus 24V 3000/70 for a marine application, replacing a Magnum 12V system. Easiest/most strait forward would be 2 x 4s 12V batteries in series. However, Just doing a little thinking outside the box as a 8s 24V 280Ah would be very heavy, waterproof battery boxes are expensive/dont exist, and not easily fit the current location.

8s is a preferred for me. I'm considering building 2 separate Cell Groups made of 4 x 280Ah cells, and using a 8s BMS and commercially available battery boxes. The design would require one of the "Bus Bars" to be an external 4/0 jumper wire and the Balance cell wires to be run via a jumper wire constructed from a M8 or M12 5 pin waterproof connectors.

I can think of one possible issue...the temperature probe would only be in 1 of the cell groups. What other issues might this configuration present? Thoughts?

Below is the basic layout.


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    8s Config1.PNG
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