280Ah cell top balancing


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Aug 23, 2021
While I am on it, I want to order something good which can be reused if this pack stabilizes. Remote monitoring will be a big plus.
Any experience with this product from AliExpress?

I am in the UK and only reasonably priced product I can find is this, it is 8S so I need to buy two, it is also coming from China, looking at the delivery dates. Also it is open circuit which is quite dangerous imo where so many open cables will be dangling around.
When they show “Equalizationvol” in the app that’s the one you want, but as far as I know that feature is only available in android and not apple. “Sleep voltage” and “start voltage” are useless. You want to start balancing above 3.4V. Disconnecting any of the wires to control it remotely results in having to restart it through the app so that’s a no go.(fault is not an automatic restart). Be careful there’s a lot of Neey and rebranded clones that run all the time (or have a crazy .300v differential between start and sleep.

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Mar 18, 2020
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How is this charger from AliExpress to do top balance? Anyone used it or has past experience from it?
Wow to up to 50 Amp charge adjustable down to 3.65 top balance voltage. That 50 Amps would be allot faster on a 3.65v top balance charge ... as compared to the common 10 Amp max Bench power supply. Re Top Balance charging; I have had problem when a new defective cell just would not charge up beyond 3.35v; and it was holding back the voltage of my top balance attempt of my whole paralleled 280Ah LiFePO4 set of 8 cells. That was a personal time sucking learning curve that took awhile for me to figure out. Also: I have learned to watch more closely >3.4 volts (listed as > 99% SOC on one reference chart I use), because the next phase goes up fast to 3.6 or 3.65v. ... To get up closer to full charge before top balancing; ... I have used my 14+v LiFePO4 x 50 amp charger a few times with no BMS. A danger exists for quickly peaking single cells above 3.65v/ I think when seeing >3.4 v readings. I put sticky tape on the cells to write down the voltages I see as I get towards fuller charge. ... I then disconnect battery charger before any cell hits 3.65v (though some have slipped up to 4.0 or 4.2 v/ which I quickly drain back down to 3.65v / which is IMO: ... definitely not good, but also not a cell killer. .... Doing a resent Top Balance on an older set of 280AH Eve LiFePO4s that had some brief <2.5v cycles (from my learning curve mistakes) to see if I can get a better match for even cell voltages through full discharge and charge cycles ... I might replace worst cell or two with new/ as I have being seeing some peakers cells going up >3.65v early setting off BMS triggers, and one cell w less AHs showing at lower voltage with volt drop and big diff at low 23.3 -24v part of my battery bank spectrum. Wondering how long folks leave their Top Balanced battery sets sitting for Best Top Balance Results ??? ... Been thinking / overnight is likely good . ADDED NOTE from closer later look ... The top balance 50Amp charger option covers 2.6volts to just 14.7v. or 2 -15v ... Not up to the 29.4v listed at top of description

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