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diy solar

280Ah cells with low capacity - can I still use them?

They are probably 3-4 years old now and have been sitting on a shelf for most of that time. I only recently got a tester to see what the actual capacities were. Now that I know there's still a fair amount left, I'm trying to figure out what to do with them.

I've started the process of retesting the capacities now. I'll post back in a few days when that is done.
Why? It seems to me you proved they were decent enough to simply put into use. Since it is not like you can return them at this point.

However to answer your question can you still use them? I wouldn't if I was you. Just give me your address I will be happy to take them off your hands so you do not have to pay for recycling. I find they make good book ends. :)
Here's where I end up after two full cycles of all of the cells:

Cell #Test 1 Ah RatingTest 2 Ah RatingVariance Ah

Conclusion: The variance seems to be very small in most cases and went down in 2 cells and up in 6.