2nd grid tie inverter with possible AC battery


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Mar 12, 2022
Hi all,

im looking to add a small grid tie inverter to my home. I already have a 3.6kw system which I don’t want to touch and the planned new system will be on a detached garage.

first question. I think I can have multiple grid tied inverters as long as I don’t exceed any grid output limits.

2nd. I’m planning on a AC battery storage system. they seem to detect current generated by your solar system by CT clips and monitor what you export. I’m assuming if you generate as well as export the battery will charge if there is any power unused. Question. If I had multiple inverters on the system would they all need to have a CT clip connected to the solar charge inverter?

im thinking as long as there is excess power on the system and nothing going to the grid the battery would consume any spare power not used by the home appliances?

looking at these.

SolaX X1 AC Coupled Battery charger Inverter HV 3.7kW​


And finally. For my new solar system. I have limited space for panels. I’m looking at 6 x 455w panels. They need to have separate MPPT trackers, which may mean two small inverters due to the minimum DC power start up.

does anyone know on a dual string inverter with a start up DC of 100 Volts, is this per string or a combination of both. I’ll get a min of 60 volts on each string, so 100v total would work but NOT if it’s per string.

many thanks for any info given.



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Mar 20, 2022
Hi Terry, I'm afraid I can't be of any assistance but it looks like you are planning to do exactly what I am. I have a 3.6kw grid tied system which I had installed 11 years ago. I have a solar iboost which diverts unused pv electric to my immersion.

I have been toying with installing some more panels (I've got room for about 6 too) and a new inverter and letting the iboost divert excess power to a charge controller and into a battery bank. The iboost has a second output, so in theory I could set it up to heat the hot water tank first, then switch to the battery bank. I have the older iboost so I can't regulate the export threshold, so it only kicks in when 100w are being exported to the grid, but hey ho, I'd rather use what I've got than buy more expensive kit.

I'd really like some advice on whether this sounds feasible. I'd like to do it as cost effectively as possible (ie myself!)