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diy solar

30" wide panels for a 3kW RV system


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Jun 10, 2024
St Petersburg, Florida
12x 60x30" Rich 250w solar panels will fit on the roof of my Class A 2005 Newmar Kountry Star. These panels are $1.20/w though! Anything cheaper so I won't break that bank? Most of my large runs on the roof are limited to 30" wide, so I can't go wider than that.

My Newmar has a BriteTEK roof. Any recommendations on attachment? Perhaps unistrut or with VHB tape but VHB seems so sketchy hmmm. FWIW I have a welder and a large 3D printer (though printed parts can be weak at the layers). I am worried about the wind ripping off the panels while going 70mph down the interstates.
I used 200w Hightec panels from Continuous Resources $1/watt shipped (26” wide) on my MotorHome (2000 Monaco Dynasty).

To attach I got alum “L” 2” x 2” x .125”. Four 6” pieces bolted to the solar panel frame and then four 6” pieces on the roof - connected with a 1/4” bolt and tiltable (when I want) with a knob and nut on the other side.

. I used VHB (two 6” strips per leg) on my Fiberglass roof with Dicor all around the edge to keep water out. The very front ones I added a single screw down through roof. It has held up very well (get the VHB Primer) over the last 4 years - no issues.

I needed to move one panel and after removing the Dicor- I ended up getting a cable saw to “saw” through the VHB. (Yep that’s still an ugly spot on the roof). VHB has worked very well.

If you want a photo - let me know.

What is Bright Tek roof? Wait I just looked it up- I don’t think you would want to use just VHB to attach solar to it - like I did. VHB + screws + Dicor - probably.

diy solar

diy solar