3000TL LVM -24P and 4 Battle Born Batteries


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Was going to wait until I bought my house with a solar shed, but I couldn't stand it. Been installing this in my 18 ft travel trailer. Batteries are ready to go, but Growatt is not wall mounted yet.

I have just tested plugging the 30 amp shore power directly into the Growatt with an adapter. I flipped the breaker to the converter since I still have the 12 volt appliances running off a 200ah Renogy AGM and dont want batteries charging batteries. It works well. Tested the 8,000 BTU ac and it ran fine. Then tested the microwave and it ran it fine, though not attempting to run ac and microwave at the same time.

The batteries just barely fit under the dinette seat which houses the shore power cable. However, snug is a good thing. They are not moving.

I'll attach pics, but note the extension cord I spliced in is being replaced with a 10 guage generator cord as this is only 16 guage in the picture. I'm mounting the Growatt on the wall behind the dinette bench even though it can make some noise when under a good load. I like background noise when I sleep.

*Learning experience-----do not set the power saving mode to SEN. You think it is good to do that, but the entire trailer blinks on and off unless you have a good load on the inverter. A fan and a small fridge didnt pull enough to keep the inverter on. Once I set back to SdS, it fixed the issue. I thought I had a bad unit for a while.

Once all completed, I'll add some more pictures.

Thanks to Will as I would not have thought this up on my own.


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I'm curious. With 4 12v 100 ah Battle Born batteries wired in a 2s 2p configuration, what is the safe charging maximum? I have it set at 50 amps, but was not sure if it can safely be more at the above configuration. Should it be less?


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Final picture less the cable clamps. My screws were to small. Not super pretty, but it works!! Just need to wire my monitors from the house battery to the Battle Borns.


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