310 ah LifePO4 from Aliexpress take 1


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Apr 14, 2021
Worth, NY
That's an amusing reply :) Short of contacting CATL directly and asking I would follow EVE's guide for compression for these large cells.

Side note: It's highly advisable to use insulators between the cells. If mounted in a metal case then use insulators all the way around and between the cells. Check this out.
That's the plan. I have 1/8" thick neoprene closed cell foam.
It will act as a insulator and well as take up irregulartities in the surfaces.
I live in upstate NY so keeping the batteries above 32 deg F in the winter is more of a concern then keeping them cool in the summer.
I am using an Overkill BMS with 2 temp probes and will switch on pad heaters if needed.