3c or 6c? what is it I really need for a golf cart?


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Jan 25, 2021
I'm wanting to build a 48 volt system for my golf cart, where I'm concerned is what battery do I really need?
I'm looking at 16s 105ah batteries, I see the 3c constant discharge at 100 amp with surge of 300amp My cart usually runs at around 100 to 150 amp would the 3c work or do I need to go up to 6c? I want to run a 250 amp BMS. what do you guys use for your golf carts?



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Mar 3, 2021
The C rating is the rate of charge or discharge related to battery capacity. A 105AH battery discharging at 1C rate will be discharging at 105Amps and will be empty in 1 hour. A 105AH battery discharging at 3C will be 315amps and will be empty in 20 minutes (1/3 of an hour). Charging works exactly the same way.

So any battery charging at 1C will be full in 1 hour (1/1). Charging at 6C would be 1/6 of an hour. High C rates are hard on batteries.

My 48v golf cart has 150Ah batteries and I am installing a 70a motor controller (I don't need to go super fast, but I haven't been able to test it yet to know if that is fast enough). 70/150 = 0.4666C at full throttle.

Consider 1 horse power is 746w. My cart originally put out 2hp. With my new controller, 70*50v = 3500w of power. 3500/746 = 4.69hp so this is quite an increase in power for my golf cart.


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Sep 24, 2019
Don't use battle born....the bigger the battery the less C you need.... Go big or go home...