diy solar

diy solar

4 X class solar flares to impact this weekend.

Unpowered transformers connected to wire aren't at risk. Electronics could be.
At least open any breakers/switches that would isolate electronics.

Nice, we did that. We have the 650' cable going to an AutoTransformer in our cabin (from the inverter) and then from the AT to the AC circuit box and from there to our outlets and to our heat pump. We unplugged everything from the temp outlets that go into the AC circuit breaker box. Then we flipped off all the C/Bs, flipped the disconnect on the heat pump, and flipped the Victron AutoTransformer breaker on the front of it. Then upstream we flipped a disconnect between the inverter and the AT, then shut off the inverter and everything else.

We still haver the inverter upstream connected to the AC line (650') and only a shutoff between them (which is off). And the inverter is connected to the DC bus which connects to the MPPT. So those two components are possibly at risk still, I have no idea. But they're relatively easy to replace and I didn't want to mess with the connections and induce an error because I saw a YouTube video....

As to the rest of your post, I won't try to understand it. My 3.0 was not at a school anywhere near as hard to get into as Berkley. Mine was essentially a community college.
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That is a Thunder Mustang, my pic at a fly-in.
They are a 3/4 scale replica of the P-51, complete with a custom 640 HP V12 engine. They outperform a mustang at a fraction of the price.
They even make the righteous sound.
So that's your plane? Cool.

I've watched a few YouTube videos of original P-51's, that machine gun port howl gives me goosebumps. Can't decide which fighter has the best sound, a Merlin Mustang or Merlin Spitfire.
Just dark skies out there. No pretty lights still.

I feel like I've been ripped off.

But wait, there's another X flare! Ok.
Wow a X5.8 flare went off at around 9pm EST.
I think we should be out of rotation for the CME but we will have to wait and see.
Some coincidental power anomalies here on the east coast...

A couple minutes before 7PM EST, an old APC SU2200 ups I have started clicking on and off making power from the batteries. I didn't know why, but I learned later that at 6:54 EST there had been a G5 event.

It was quiet after that until 10:03 EST when the UPS began clicking again. I put a meter on the mains and saw 250.2v. That's high, as we normally run about 241-244v. I don't think I've ever seen it that high coming from the utility.

Related? No idea.
Found an interesting thread on reddit.

Interesting bits I read from it:

- The actual practical concerns during a lower level non Carrington type event is not induced current on the lines, it's the fluctuating ground potential.

- The fluctuating ground potential causes ground loops on the grounding infrastructure.

- Then the ground loops can suck up DC into any transformer with its primary grounded.

- The ground loops can trip major GFCI's, and this can be a blackout instigator, even in the absence of any actual equipment damage.

- Some grid hardware is actually fitted now to detect these geomagnetic ground loop currents, and as far as I read it this is actually not for protection but so that it can be identified as a false trip. Possibly automatically, or possibly only on manual review.
Makes good sense, as there are thousands of ground rods in parrallel with the grid.
Just dark skies out there. No pretty lights still.

I feel like I've been ripped off.

But wait, there's another X flare! Ok.
Northeast/ north central Ohio had some absolutely phenomena lights!


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My phone camera does bring out the colors a little brighter than what the human eye perceived them at. But the colors were pretty darn near to the pictures! It was amazing! We started out with green in the north and that migrated all the way south until the whole sky had lights! Red/purple overhead and to the west, north and east. Green was on the far south horizon at the tail end! I expect as far south as Columbus should have been able to see them. (At least when not around city lights lol. )
Maybe they did that when I wasn't looking. I have seen nothing every time i look out there.

Figures I'd miss it.
Maybe they did that when I wasn't looking. I have seen nothing every time i look out there.

Figures I'd miss it.
According to NOAA weather it should peak over the next 2 hours or so.


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I noticed my Starlink internet was a bit come and go right before we got the lights. Matches up with that G4.
One of the pics I snapped outside our house a few minutes ago. Every UPS in the grid-connected buildings was beeping like mad (Had to shut two down) so the grid here in Maine going crazy. But my Victron equipment (off grid "shed" buildings on the property) and everything attached to it, (including two UPS) are just fine. And people ask me why we're keeping the next house fully off grid! 😉 All seems better now.


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