40kwh DIY CALB SE200F 48V pack (16s4p) w/Batrium BMS, Ottawa Canada, $15k CAD


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Nov 26, 2019
Relocating to the United States. New owner of home will not appreciate this setup. Moving it to the US is proving to be complex and cost prohibitive.

- 64 CALB SE200F Prismatic LiFePO4 plastic cells in a 16s4p layout
- Batrium BMS system, all 16 cell groups monitored, with SoC shunt
- Custom fabricated pure copper bus bars rated at 2C (400A).
- 1 set of pack fuses (4x 60A), sized to be used in lieu of series bus bars anywhere in the pack. My inverter is limited to 185A. You can change these easily to support your specific configuration, each fuse being 1/4 of your max inverter capacity + 20%.
- Misc 4/0 AWG battery cables, heatshrinked + hydraulic crimped lugs
- 4 spare cells
- Spare bus bars, screws, washers, etc.

Also including:
- 3x metal enclosures that support 5s4p layout, with polycarbonate protection sheets between enclosure and metal lid.
- 1x metal enclosure for the remaining 1s4p cell group & shunt

Other notable information:
- These are genuine A grade cells that were individually capacity tested on receipt and all tested between 206 and 213Ah.
- These are plastic-cased cells and are far more durable than the cheaper AL cased cells.
- This pack has only ~50 cycles on it at 60% DoD. Close to brand new.
- Not including a DC disconnect/DC breaker.

Price & pick up:
- Asking $15k CAD
- Local pickup in Ottawa only.
- I will disassemble the pack down to individual cells with ~ 1-2 weeks notice
- You are 100% responsible for safe transport. Approximate weight of the system is 850lb.

Attached picture shows 1 of the 3 main enclosures.

IMG_0101 (1).JPG
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Apr 28, 2022
I’m looking for a 10 kWh. Would you be willing to sell just cells for that Much?