8.5x20 enclosed trailer conversion

Once the reduction work is done, and then the design work is done, you may not need nearly as much solar gear as initially discussed ... a prime reason to do the first steps!
I agree.
Tire warmers (had to google them, had no idea), must they be run all weekend, or for like two hours before you start racing, and then between runs? Maybe you need them for like a total of 5 hours per day at 2Kw/pair (10KwH production)? And only during daylight, when no one would complain about your loud generator?

As for AC, why would you run AC in an empty trailer, rather than crank it up a couple of hours before you go inside, then let the cold desert night do the rest?

You have to map out your real needs and go from there.
Oof that's a lot of batteries... I wonder if I'm buying of more than I can chew.
Solar will help reduce it, but even in Texas solar is often unavailable for days due to overcast.. Not rain days (not at the track) but clouds kill it. It's not a source you depend on short term. It's more like a power bonus. Or perhaps something you can calculate for longer term (like living off grid).

My SWAG is pretty indicative of what you'll need for your indicated power consumption. As others have mentioned, reduce the consumption and cost goes way down. First thing to go on my list would be the concept that you need to heat (the air) with electrical power.