99.5% Efficient Inverter Design

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My Chineseium 500W Grid-tie worked very well until the wires wore out and the brass studs got tired and started to lean over.



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Filtering inductors in the output are not what I am talking about.
One could say the primary use of inductors is for filtering. Take for example a buck regulator. We would agree the inductor is an integral part of buck regulation. It acts as a current filter. But we could remove the inductor and still achieve some sort of pwm regulation. The output would have higher ripple and switching noise. We would then state "it also may not be a bad idea to have a small inductor on the output".

I looked at his BOM. The Power Board has 3 H-bridges: using 3 different voltage rating MOSFETs: 40V, 1.3 milliOhm; 75V, 1.46 milliOhm and 150V, 4.8 milliOhm. There's a Driver Board with 12 x (fet driver chip, opto isolator and dual output dc/dc).

Edit, Has the author mentioned a THD spec?
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I would like to read this paper, but I cannot seem to download. Do you have this in pdf, or can you tell me how to download? When I snap on it it is too small to read.
On my computer, at the very bottom and right hand side there is a slider button. -_________________+ to zoom in.