A bolt by any other name, is still a bolt

ken morgan

Solar Addict
May 11, 2021
So 4 Nm in the scale of 0-9 is not close enough to the middle?

10% out of spec? So I might be 3.6 or 4.4 Nm? I read beam style is closer to 2% compared to clicker at 4%.

I think I am OK. I believe this Presa torque wrench works perfectly well for these batteries.
sorry I saw 80 and was thinking ft lbs. if its 80 inch pounds you will be fine. as far as the accuracy if its not a high end quality torque wrench that has recently been calibrated I always questions the accuracy. put to many engines together, and had a few failures that were directly attributable to the torque on the camshaft bearings to trust cheap/uncalibrated torque wrench's.