A couple solar system questions.

RJ in Marina

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Sep 19, 2021
I'm nearing the end of a van build and I ordered a 100amp Renogy charge controller for the solar system. It didn't look big in the pictures. But it's huge. I'm sure the dimensions are listed but alas...late night ordering... Anyway, it took a long time to get here so I was thinking I'll just keep it, so mounted it on the wall - but have yet to hook it up. Will this be an issue for my system, having one this large? I have 700 watts on the roof, a 3000 watt inverter, and a couple of 170ah lithium batteries. Nothing is connected yet, which leads to the second question: Are there any consultants / installers that will show up for a day, and make sure I don't kill myself or burn my van down? I've built a solar system in my previous van before by following Prowse's instructions in a book, and I used it without issue for 5 years, but the system I am putting in this new build is way bigger and I guess I have more disposable income now...so it'd be nice, just to be sure, to have someone with me who is an expert. If anyone offers this service, that is.

Thanks for reading and for any advice. :)

-- RJ


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Jan 18, 2021
I don’t think I’d use that. You’ll never have enough panels to use it. Panels configured properly a 40A better quality controller could be had and it will be smaller.
Do you use the inverter 24/7? Would a 2000W use less power if you do?

Just thoughts