A pair of investors went line dancing this morning....


Solar Addict
Posted on Fakebook yesterday.... and we wonder why people blow themsevlves up and Will has to take down his use of Tesla battery's info as much as some of us have half a brain and found the information useful. Sadly, we have to dumb the world down to the lowest common denominator, people that post stuff like this... the saddest part is all the people who answered him never even said a word, just rewarded the bad behavior... every day we I see laziness and idiocy like this..... I'm glad I'll be off this world before most of these idiots breed.

Keep in mind, he put enough time into this to create a meme/graphic.. this was not an "oh I'm driving, sorry about the typo" post... he put effort into this screw up, which leads me to another photo in my archive from my days working in British Columbia, that seems appropriate (I've censored the naughty bits).