A123 26S3P Breakup into 3 8s3P batteries


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Aug 18, 2021
Hi, I just bought a A123 83.2v 59.1ah 4.92kWh 26s Lifepo4 Module from Battery Hookup. It is in 26S3P configuration. My thinking is to leave it all together and cut the bus bars to make it 3 separate 8S3P batteries all in one box (don't want to break up the box as it is packed nicely with compression on the cells). I then will add 3 separate 8s 100 Amp BMS to each grouping and then parallel the three batteries with a external bus bar for an overall 24v 180ah battery. There will be a 2S3P group left in the box that I will not use. I will keep them charged to nominal voltage so they stay good and have them in case any cells fail in the future. The main thing that I am trying to workout is how to connect the leads to the existing bus bars. Based on some things I have read, the negative bus bars are copper and the positive are aluminum and they are welded together where the neg and positive connections meet. I thought about maybe riveting the positive and negative leads onto the existing bus bars. There is not a lot of room. I would appreciate any suggestions you have as I dont know if this is the best idea or even a good idea.


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