AC battery charger tie in location question,


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Apr 24, 2022
So, I have a 1988 Vanagon Westfalia and I am adding a solar charging system. I have a Renogy MPPT DCDC charger, two 100W flex solar panels, a renogy 1000W inverter, a 100Amp/hr lithium battery and a Renogy 20A ac/dc battery charger, None of it installed yet. The panels will not be permanently mounted and will only come out once parked and camping. The only item I am not sure where to tie in, is the ac/dc battery charger. Should it be connected to the DCDC charger on the same terminals as the solar panel? Because I will either be connected to shore power (ac/dc charger), or be collecting solar power. In this type of connection the DCDC charger should prioritize the solar power battery the trickle the start battery. Am I correct in my thinking?
Just haven't found a schematic for this type of system yet.

Thanks, Gordo.