Add on to existing system or add aditional system


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Sep 5, 2021
Currently have a NC Solar now whole home(almost) backup solar system. It's a 9.6 KW Array, 7.6 KW Solar edge inverter, 1 Tesla Back up gateway and one power wall 2.

I spent way too much on this system and it covers the whole home except the 2 AC units and septic pump.

I want to expand significantly but don't want to pay the amount I did for the first system.

If I expand the current system I'll have to upgrade the inverter that I've already paid for and get up on my roof which Id rather not do to add additional panels. This includes permitting and all that jazz and I'd like to avoid it if at all possible.

I can easily put in a ground mount system separate from the original system but unsure how I would connect to the house other than making it so large that I would just hook it up like you would a whole home generator and just kill the grid power. Ideally I'd like to hook it up to the Tesla system but unsure how one would do this.

In the end I'd like to be able generate 100% or close to it my summertime usage. During the summer time I am only offsetting about 40-45% of my needs.