Ahh springtime in Australia, that pleasant time of the year


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We have a brolga that's been hanging round the front yard under the tree the local expert reckons is 450+ years old.
Poor thing has just been walking round and getting dive bombed by the Indian Minors which are a pest species here. We have noisy minors which are native in the tree and we also get regular visits by a pair of ducks. There are a couple of Kookaburras that come around every time I get the mower or the tractor out as they look for bugs and lizzards. Was at my fathers place in the country few days back and I was moving some logs with the tractor. They hear that and they near come sit on the thing. I picked up one log and one Kukka we see all the time came down and I had to slam on the brakes to avoid running him over. Had to sit there patiently while he had a feed on a bunch of Bush Cockroaches . Ol Bugger took his time too! Few snakes up there and a Huge Monitor Lizzard that's over 6 Ft Long. Dad has all the local King parrots and Lorikeets well trained for feed time. One King parrot is nearly eating out of his hand now. Quite a few Galahs about up there too.

An hour from Sydney we get a load of wildlife here. Kangas and wallabies that scare the ship out of the Ukrainian postal courier, foxes that walk down the back path and sit on the verandah, SWARMS of Sulfur Crested Cockatoos that strip trees and my sunflowers right before Christmas when I have them ready and at least one visit by Eastern brown snakes, the most venomous/ deadly in the world, every summer. Of course we leave the Red bellied blacks alone even though they are pretty dangerous because they keep the browns away.

I found a Blue Tongue last year and kept him safe for the winter and then let him go. He kept coming back down to the verandah looking for the snails I was feeding him before. I have put him back in the big tank to keep him safe from the cats. Not so much mine but there is another couple that come round here that are savage. Found another blue tongue last week on the back lawn. He was dead which upset me. I think He may have been hit by the neighbors weed wacker looking at his injury's and I had heard the neighbour mowing earlier.

My little guy seems happy enough and is getting much tamer. Will take the snails and cat food I give him now and then out my fingers and let me pat him without carrying on now.

now the weather is warming up starting to see the spiders re appearing. We get dozens of the big brown Huntsmans around here and Of course the Sydney Funnelwebs, also Deadly. Some years back, My Son and I were going out at night and getting up to 30 Redbacks and some of them were huge. I believe that are similar to the American Black Widows.

At least in Oz, as long as you don't go in the water, Nothing will eat you. No wild cats or anything else. Crocks and Sharks but that's about it.
We do have the Drop bears though and as any Aussie Knows, they are the most dangerous thing in the whole world and are well known to have killed thousands. They particularly like Tourists for some reason?


🌞SW sunshine =⚡️⚡️lit up thru the darkness✌️
So bad around here that fat angry raccoons 🦝 will attack if you start dancin out on the porch. 😳




Had to lookup the Drop Bear. Funny! A bit like the Jackalope found in Wyoming.