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Anker 767 lawn mower issue


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Nov 29, 2023

I have an Anker 767 that runs everything I attach to it apart from my Bosch rotary lawn mower.

If I run the lawn mower purely off battery it starts up at half speed and then the inverter cuts off.

If I plug the Anker into the mains with AC input and retry the lawnmower works absolutely fine.

I know when the lawn mower fires up it peaks at about 1500w then lowers to around 900 as it continues to run.

Any idea why the device would work fine with the Anker connected to the mains, but not work when the mains is disconnected. The battery can definitely handle the rating as I comfortably run a 2k watt heater with no problems.

Is this something you think can be fixed with a firmware update? For info, i'm running the latest firmware on the Anker.
Electric motors have a 5X surge vs. run that can only be reliably measured via an INRUSH function on most tools; MAX will not capture it. Most lightweight inverters can't handle the surge of electric motors.

A 2400W inverter isn't going to have a lot of electric motor startup capability.

Heaters have no surge, so comparing a motor total load to a heater total load isn't valid.

If the unit is passing through the AC input from mains, then it can handle the surge fine since it's the mains powering it rather than the inverter powering it.

diy solar

diy solar