Another new guy question, regarding Li Time batterys & RV


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Sep 16, 2023
Carson City
Can I just swap my lead acid group 24batterys to the Li Time 100am hour Li battery?
Or do I need to upgrade the charge controller?

If so, what controller and how difficult of a project would I be getting into.
What charge controller do you have now? Is it lithium compatible? Short answer; it depends (on what your current equipment is)...
You will want to make sure the charger isn't doing an equalization cycle .... Equalization is used in lead acid batteries to extend their life, but is bad for LiFe batteries.
You will be OK if the charger can be configured for AGM batteries .... it would be safe for the new battery, but won't charge as optimally as one designed for lithium batteries.
Thanks for the input, I have no idea of whats in the Toyhauler, or even where its located.
I guess I need to DIG into it. To see what I have.