ANT-BMS recommended on your website is incorrect version that you reviewed.


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Hi Will, just wanted to bring to your attention that the ANT-BMS that you have the affiliate link to on your website at is the smaller version of the one that you actually reviewed on Youtube. I purchased it thinking that it was the same one, but it would not push the same amount of amps, and then on further investigation I realized they have 2 versions. This 100A version is maybe 50-60AMP continuous, 100A max, It would cut off when I tried to power the microwave on the battery bank. while the one you reviewed is 320A max but can handle over 100A continuous no problem (Its labeled as 320A) I had no idea there were 2 different versions and just went by your link thinking it was the same one. I had to buy the 320A one and now my system can handle all my loads. I'll probably try sell the first one and see if I can recoup some of the cost to someone who doesn't need as much power as me. I'm not blaming you btw I should've researched it a bit more.

I recommend either linking to both versions on your page, or at least mentioning this on your page that there are 2 versions and the one you reviewed is the larger 320A version so someone else doesn't make the same mistake I did.

Also as another FYI, none of the 24v inverters you recommended are available for sale anymore. I ended up buying the 3000w 24v one from Sungoldpower, and I love it. You should review it sometime.


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I also chose the 320amp versions for my 100amp application. I am actually pushing 50amp through it but wanted the safety margin.