Any issue connecting 4AWG cable to bus like this?

An easy way to think of it is to make the same colors the same length.

You are trying to make total resistance in each battery bank the same, so, you make ALL positive battery cables the same length and ALL negatives the same length. BUT positives and negatives do not have to be equal to each other.

That is my understanding as well.

Absolutely never heard of that and have seen many multiple installations with identical (+) and (-) lengths.

The TOTAL length of positive and negative cables for each must be the same. (+) length and (-) lengths don't individually matter.

If battery 1 has 10 feet of combined positive and negative cable length, then battery two must have 10 feet of combined cable length, etc.

For anyone that ones definitive expert general wiring knowledge, check link #5 in my signature.

What I meant by positive length <> negative length was that the length of the positive cables don't need to the same length as the negative cables. I didn't mean to suggest that they can't be, just that they don't have to be.
Answers are given to your questions but you don't like them, sometimes reality is not convenient.

Believe it or not, I'm really not invested in any one answer over another answer. This isn't politics or religion, this is just a solar install. Cheers.
My 8 batteries are wired into the bus individually. None of them are paralleled.

This is still parallel. They are in parallel at the bus.

Parallel means the (+) are connected together and the (-) are connected together at some point in the circuit.

I cut the positive cables all at the same length, and the negative cables all at the same length, so that I have the option to parallel some of them later.

See above.
Not to take the conversation backwards but I received this today and the packaging answers a question that was asked earlier about torque.

To bypass (remove) the diode board from my 6-1 combiner box.


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Got four of the batteries connected, about to connect the other four. Doubling up on the terminals was a green suggestion, seems to work well. Torqued two of them flat against each other using the Blue Sea terminal torque spec.dubble.jpg