Any recommendations for sites LIKE BatteryHookup.


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BH royally pissed my off with the way they handled the Navitas LiFePo4 "fiasco". I feel like I got played and screwed. (Check my comment history)

I just ordered a bag of power tool batteries from them, because for $20, you can't beat the price for high-drain cells. However, I need to put together a scooter battery, and need more uniformity in cells than mix and matched from power tools, and I would rather not use BH if I don't have too after the way I felt I was treated.

Are there any other trustworthy sites that sell used batteries (other than mostly assembled EVs) for reasonable prices? Google just brings up almost a full page of advertising when I type in "used Lithium batteries" and the sites that do come up sell mostly giagantic EV cells, that are WAY too big for a little scooter.

Any help is appreciated!


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Battery clearing house dot com (no spaces), and

Big battery dot com (also no spaces) are the other two i check often.

Both seem to have a pretty stable offering set of offered inventory.

Afa the quality of their products, BUYER BEWARE!! I have bought from neither, and cannot make recommendations.


Swears he didn't start that fire.
Have you looked in the for sale section on this site?

There is a post for used 18650's ;). That or you can PM me. :)
I didn't realize there was a for sale section on here, much appreciated! I'm good for the time being on 18650's, I got what I needed out of the used tool cells. I'm keeping an eye out for small (under 30 ah) Lifepo4's, as that is what all of the extra BMS's I have are compatible with.