Anyone interested in drawing a system diagram for money


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I'm really trying to figure out all the details with my system. It would really help if someone helped me out and drew a detailed system diagram that would make it easier for me to install. I have 16 280ah lifepo4 cells, Schneider context sw4024 with system control panel, midnite solar 150 sl, 10 250 watt used Santan solar panels. It's just going in as a backup for now. Will be housed in a concrete root cellar with panels about 40 feet away. I need details such as wire sizes, most reliable bms to use etc. Will pay a fair amount for your time. I'm horrible at the design part but the install is no sweat as long as I have good instructions. I've got so much going on it's overwhelming when I try to figure it out. Got a greenhouse to finish, house to finish inside, and all the other joys of prepping for a more self sufficient lifestyle. Thanks