Are Vglory Batteries the same as Gyll Batteries

Brady Jwilmes

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Some quick differences I noted:

My Gyll busbars are flat unlike the VGlory.

My screws are welded on, cannot tell on the VG.

I will note that the BMS manufacturing date on my BMS was less than a month old so probably done right before it left China.

This Seplos battery is also similar with yet a third style of busbar:

The bus bar is compressed with layers of copper sheets in the middle and nickel sheets at the top and bottom to achieve both conductivity and anti-corrosion.


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Similar product from “Greensun Solar” - no idea on price, availability, or quality.":"7.8.2_share","cacheTime":"1800000"}}1623483727941.png


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The only help I can offer is to click on the link or search it yourself. Did to read the posts in that link?


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@jmm Did you come to any conclusions? Im also interested as the gyll batteries seem decent but they are always out of stock.

Also the Vglory are around 600usd cheaper as it seems.


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wondering if these two batteries are the same because they look like they are
I',m wondering if anyone bought them? and how good are they?

gyll 48v battery

this looks the same as the gyll 48v battery

I've seen them before and seen videos on manufacturing these style of batteries. Their was a kit you could buy around 2 years ago and do it yourself.

If it was me and was interested in them I'd buy it. Probably same manufacturer or a copycat like all the other China businesses