Bad Cell?


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Hi, so my new prismatic battery I built is exhibiting a behaviour where at rest or low discharge current cell 3 is operating at nominal voltage compared to the other cells. However when under load (see second photo) the cell exhibits a voltage drop that is not nominal compared to the other cells. I top balanced the cells to 3.65v while in parallel, then connected in series before discharging to 2.5v before final assembly of the pack.
The positive terminal of cell 3 does appear to get warmer compared to the other cells when under load.

do I have a bad cell? Or maybe going through the top balance again to see if this behaviour gets corrected is the way to go?



Bob B

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Did you thoroughly clean the bus bar and terminal pad? Many of the terminals have residue on them.
I used goo gone followed by alcohol .... then burnished with emery cloth and then alcohol again. I would just clean the bus bars with alcohol since they are tinned.

One guy just had a hair under a bus bar that was totally messing things up .... you want that terminal pad to be pristine and flat .... also make sure the bus bars are perfectly flat.


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In addition the holes in the busbars are stamped out and there might be a slight burr there. I would check for that also.


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You guys are correct. It was bad connections. I made the cable lugs out of copper pipe and they are not entirely flat.