Bad Lifepo cell or BMS bad

Rhat Cat

New Member
Jul 27, 2020
I do have another dilemma, I now have 2 sets of 12v at 280ah, using the 120 Overkill Solar. I did the top balancing and all was okay. This operated about 2 weeks. I had not disconnected my charging alternator, and started that engine but only for about 20 sec., it's a small 65amp alt. . Since then I've had some problems. One set seems ok now that I re-balanced top 3.650; however the other one. i tried to top balance it but would not get over 3.374v (on 1 cell), put my charger to it and the other 3 cells will preform but the one still 3.374. I thought at first the BMS was bad but, now I'm thinking a bad cell? So just now I set the BMS to 3.4 overvolt and pack at 13.6v.
I did have a problem with the BMS as to I'd set the capacity to 280 and it would re-set itself to 10% less I corrected this 2 times and it's ok now plus when I tried to reset the balance mode, the program went POOF. About a hour later it came back on and able to set what I want. there are a few other things with this but, hard to re-cap all at one time or just to word it.