Battery disconnect for nominal 48v systems?


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Jan 17, 2021
I appreciate the video and link but 480 volts DC is not 60 volts DC. From what I am learning if there are inductive components that detect AC currents and excess -- the will not necessarily detect anything DC at any similar magnitude. So I have to trash these AC breakers. They are good for nothing more than disconnects, maybe. Certainly no protection.


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Mar 28, 2020
AC breakers will certainly trip on DC. The problem is they can't successfully interrupt the arc at as high a voltage, or as high an over-current.
Switches also. I've seen switches rated hundreds of volts AC at tens of amps, but only tens of volts DC and a couple amps.

Those breakers would hold off DC to their rated AC voltage, but couldn't disconnect under load.
They are only good for use on AC circuits.

Some models of Square-D QO breakers are rated for moderate DC voltage and moderate short-circuit currents.