Battery Remote Shutdown


New Member
Oct 7, 2021
Best I can put together I need to have a remote shutdown for my battery bank located by my main service and PV array entry to the home. I'm looking at adding a Midnite Solar MNEDC250RT to each bank. Does anyone know if 1 MNBDM module can control all 4 by parallel wiring the output or would I need one module per battery bank? Has anyone used these breakers by just supplying 24V to them without the Birdhouse unit? Since disconnecting the batteries is the only thing I need the remote shutdown for I'd much rather just mount an EStop button and run 24V through it. The $500-$800 price for just the Birdhouse and MNBDM modules seems excessive to me but if that's my only option then that's what I have to do. Anyone familiar with a more cost effective solution?