Battery replacement and new controller?

Good evening,

My old trojan 100 amp deep cycle flooded lead acid finally died after 10 years of good service. Powered by a Renogy 100 watt panel (and another not yet installed) and an Renogy Wanderer controller.

Later, I will install a big system but right now, I need a replacement and I want to go LiFePo since I’m tired of battery maintenance.

A battle born is too nice/expensive. What are the next tier down brands I should be looking at? Ideally, 100 amps or more (I could use some more juice). And I am mystified by the charge controllers for LiFePo (float or no?) so a matching little appropriate controller would be great.

This is a 12 volt cabin system. A 12v tv, lights, radio. Very light use. Just a weekend man cave.

I think I saw a thread about LiFePo that were ”just as good” as battleborn but something like half the price. Not building my own just yet. And would rather not guess at good brands. US made highly preferred.

Don’t seem to be able to delete this thread. Found this thread and these recs.

BattleBorn, SimpliPhy, Relion, ReBel