Battery Setttings for Sunny Island with LFP


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I searched the forum and didn't find the answer so I'm asking. Hope I didn't miss the thread I'm looking for because I can't be the first to ask. :) . Does anyone have the battery settings for sunny islands running LFP batteries? Section 220 covers battery settings.... I expect to disable equalization (222.12) and to make adjustments to the bulk, absorption and float voltages. Is there a quick chart of all the settings for LFP? I'm thinking the bulk and absorption needs to be ~54.4v and float a little lower.

What else?? Thanks!


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In the absence of specific battery or cell data:

3.65V/cell for bulk/absorption, 0.05C tail current to signal end of charge.
Absorption phase is usually very short compared to lead-acid, so typically 30-60 minutes max, may be shorter if you're bulking at < 0.5C
3.4V/cell for float

If you're okay with longer charge times, bulk/absorp/float at 3.4V/cell will push cells to 95%+ SoC

Here are single cell charges showing a charge to 3.4V and 3.65V:



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Thanks.... I’ll run thru all the settings with those voltages in mind and publish all the Relevant settings once I get it wrapped up.