Bench power supply question / issue


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Aug 3, 2021
Hello All, I have a WANPTEK 3010H 30V 10A power supply. I am trying to top balance 4 x 310ah lithium battery.
I have them all in parallel and the voltage is 3.333v. When I set the power supply to 3.65 and current to 10a (battery disconnected) and then hook it up, the power supply reverts to Constant Current 10A and the voltage reading on the PS quickly creeps up to 3.67-3.68V. When I measure the output at the battery terminals, it’s about 3.45v. So I assume the battery is not seeing 3.67v and it’s just the cheap power supply drifting a little on the digital read out. When I disconnect one of the leads from the battery, the PS reading reverts to 3.65V. Just wondering if others have experienced this and if it’s a problem. Thanks
Nov 30, 2019
Verify by checking the voltage at the battery terminals.
As long as the voltage at the battery terminals does not exceed 3.65 volts and the current does not exceed 10 amps you should be fine.
Constant just current means the power supply has to adjust the voltage down to maintain 10 amps.


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Mar 16, 2021
It could be resistance in the leads. I have the same power supply and I made new leads using copper wire. Big difference.
I think Will mentioned this in one of his videos.