Big Battery Powerblock vs Powerwall?


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Hi everyone. I've been looking at these on Big Battery and wondering if I'm missing something. The use is for a portable cart system. Specifically I am looking at the 24V Gen 2 Powerwall vs the 24 volt Powerblock.

I asked BB and they said they were the same chemistry so I am puzzeled why one the Powerwall weighs more than twice as much? They suggested the Powerblock for this reason, but the Powerwall seems like the better deal because you get 203Ah vs 170Ah on the Powerblock at just $100 more. What am I missing and why is one 92 pounds and one 195 pounds if they are same chemistry. Certainly I could see the wall weighing a little more since it has more a little more energy, but certainly not more than twice as much. Appeciate any guidance to the better choice. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!


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The same chemistry doesn't mean the same cells; I believe their powerwall you are referring to uses A123 cells and their powerblocks use Aluminum cased Lishen cells.

Source: I was at their factory, see time stamp 4:22



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The A123 24v batteries weigh <50lbs> each. I have two in parallel. They are quite heavy.


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The A123 24v batteries weigh <50lbs> each. I have two in parallel. They are quite heavy.

I presume the best way to increase battery capacity if you have one A123 24v unit is to get another identical A123 24v unit. But it seems that BB upgrades and changes their line somewhat often... Is it difficult then to find a "partner" for a 24 A123 type 92 AH battery if the exact same model isn't available? That is, do slightly different capacity or type of LiFeO4 batteries play well together if they each have their own BMS within them, and they hook up in parallel together with Andersen connectors?