Big battery shipping department issues

Will Prowse

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Hey guys. Big battery sent me this box to send back my leaking electrolyte lishen cell powerblock:

I packed up the cells and told big battery that it's ready for pick up last week.

Last Thursday, they attempted a pick up, but it failed because the BOL that big battery sent me did not state that the container contained hazardous materials. So a new BOL and pick up date was scheduled for the next day.

The next day, no one showed up. I waited for three hours, and no one showed.

They then rescheduled for Monday at 9-12 (today). They sent me multiple emails saying that they verified with the freight company that it will be picked up before 12.

It is now 12:25. No one is here.

So first, big battery did not fill out the bill of lading correctly. Second, whoever they are using for pick up does not follow their schedule.

I'm sure they will apologize for the inconveniences, but I am so tired of it. I am having constant "inconveniences" that they are so sorry for, over and over. I work with a lot of distributors and manufacturers, and never do I have this many issues.

Will Prowse

Staff member
Now they have sent an email saying they can pick it up before 4pm today. But I have been let down 3 times already. I cannot film while waiting for these pick ups, and I have to stay at the address the entire time. I need to buy terminal studs for a video, and they want me to stay here for the next 3 hours again. And I have no clue if they will actually come. This is driving me crazy!


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Maybe demand contact info for the freight company so you can sort it directly with them?


I have no idea if you need to sign anything. I would be dealing directly with the freight company. Was that crate dropped off by the same company that is picking it up?


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Freight companies seem exceptionally inconsistent. Recent freight order from Costco took 4+ weeks to arrive... sat on the dock at the supplier waiting for pickup.

More recently, a Fedex express freight shipment got to the hub by the commit date, but they rescheduled the delivery for 3 days. At least in those cases, pick-up and delivery were done within the window eventually established.


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IMHO, insist on "call first." In many cases, they can have their driver call you when they're on the way with 15-30 minutes notice.


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Have shipping issues with Big Battery as well. Had three 12V Owl Max units that had to go back because they started to bulge out the bottom of the case and would no long sit flat. Got two RMA's and those units are confirmed back at BB. The third unit started to show the bulge issue after the first two so I call for a third RMA which took over a week to get out of their shipping department. Then the same FedEx Office I shipped the first two from, refused to take the third one. Had to get a fourth RMA that was a pick up at my apartment building. FedEx finally picked it up last Sunday then sent someone yesterday to pick up the battery that was already gone. What a cluster. And even though BB has two of the batteries back, they will not provide a refund until the third is delivered. The screw ups are all on them and FedEx, but I get held hostage. STAY AWAY FROM BIG BATTERY!!!

Jim Burrow

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I've decided to get the Amper Times 24v 100ah batters from Amazon. This battery has excellent reviews and is $600 cheaper than Big Batteries.
I would have loved to see a review from Will Powers. At least I can not find one.