48v LAMA 115AH and a new solar system

Hi! I ordered 2 48v LAMA batteries after seeing a great review video. I am in the process of having a new solar system installed on my home. The electrician is coming next week. I asked the company several times to check compatibility with these batteries and they said it would work. Now they are coming back and saying there are some red flags, and they have concerns about the batteries frying the system or having issues.

They are going to pay for shipping and restocking fees to return them since they assured me several times that it would work, but do you think they are being straight with me? I have 24 375w jinko panels and a SolarEdge Energy-Hub battery-ready 7,600-Watt Inverter. Your advice is greatly appreciated as I was really excited to have battery back up to my system and I am sad to have to return them.


Beefield, GA 30461
What are they going to sell you at what price to replace the BigBattery? I would ask them specifically for the brand, model and size of each battery and look for it online to compare price. Many solar installers only know one brand like Sonnen.


Solar Enthusiast
There are details that are missing from your post that inhibit it from making any logical sense. Can you elaborate further?