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Maximum Pulse Discharging Current:228A(3min)
Maximum Pulse Discharging Current:300A(30S)
So you can PULSE discharge for 3 minutes at 228 amps before you damage the cell.
You can PULSE discharge for 30 seconds 300 amps before you damage the cell.
You can discharge at 150 Amps continuously.

One is charge . One is DIScharge
Yes I am sure


Solar Enthusiast
Victron Smart MPPT 100V/30A (450W of solar, parallel, on the roof)
Victron Smart Battery Protect to control low voltage disconnect. I bought the 220A version and then read how to not run the inverter through it but use it to cut the "remote" about a week after I had the part in my hand but used it anyways. Could have got away with a 60A one. Severely oversized but works! :)
Victron Smart BMV-712. I monitor midpoint voltage with this and use the relay to cut my DC-DC charger if its too low of a temp.
Victron Bluetooth Temp
Victron 25A 110VAC charger (I rarely charge from shore power).
Deligreen 6A Active Cell Balancer.
Renogy 40A DC-DC Charger.
Magnum Dimensions 2000W Inverter
The "radiator" is the hydrodic glycol reservoir for my Espar Diesel heating and hot-water system.

I do not use a BMS. I did a proper bottom balance and just keep my eye on it. Between the BMV and BP I can do low voltage cutoff, low temperature charging disconnect and mid-point voltage disconnect. If a cell was to run away the midpoint would catch it as its set to open the BP for a 10% deviation. The MPPT gets temp via BT and will cutoff on low temp. The "accessory" signal for the Renogy 40A DC-DC charger is ran through a dash switch (so I can chose to alternator charge or not) and then through the BMV so I can cut it off under all of the above scenarios. The 6A Deligreen active balancer keeps things very tight under 40A charge and when the 2000W inverter is maxed out cooking. I added a cell-voltage meter next to the Smart BMV display so I can actively see each cells voltage when in the van. It all seems to work quite well.

I charge at 14.2V so there really is no way to over-charge the system. It's been cycled may times including a benchtop torture test a few times before installing it.

I am an electrical engineer by trade. ;) But my dad was an electrician and taught me well.

Geez thats a nice install mate! Compression and ventilation too.!! Plastic protector over the top. Someone taught you well.
How did you separate the cells?
Can you give me a rundown of what the components are? I see a victron solar controller but what BMS did you use. Whats the other victron device. I guess the white device is an inverter . Whats the radiator cap device for?

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